SDS 2022 homepage

The SDS 2022 meeting will be held at Rosa Marina Resort in Rosa Marina (BR) from June 7th to June 10th 2022.

It will be the 11th edition of a series of meetings which started in 2001, whose aim is to bring together researchers from different fields, mainly Mathematics and Engineering, and give them the opportunity to discuss, in a friendly atmosphere, recent developments in computational and theoretical methods for Dynamical Systems and PDEs, and their applications. This year, instead of Plenary Talks, the meeting will host five Minicourses on special topics and a Light Talk session.

Titles and organizers of the Minicourses are listed below.

  • Introduction to Virtual Elements.
    Organizers: Lourenço Beirão da Veiga and Alessandro Russo.
  • Dynamical systems with delay: theoretical and numerical aspects.
    Organizer: Dimitri Breda.
  • Principles of stochastic numerics and applications to dynamical systems.
    Organizer: Raffaele D’Ambrosio.
  • Selected aspects of networks, stability and numerical considerations.
    Organizer: Luca Dieci.
  • Model reduction methods for ODEs and PDEs.
    Organizer: Maurizio Falcone.

There will also be Light Talk sessions for young and senior researchers. Each talk will be assigned a 10 minutes slot, including time for questions.